White Trinity Disease

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“White Trinity Disease: How to Cure Racism” by Mohamed Ghounem is a compelling and audacious examination of the roots of racial intolerance and its historical propagation through distorted religious teachings. This book daringly uncovers the concept of “White Trinity Disease,” tracing its origins from ancient beliefs in divine racial supremacy to its modern manifestations in systemic racism and religious misinterpretations.

Ghounem argues that this disease—a deep-seated belief in white supremacy bolstered by certain interpretations of Christian theology—has led to centuries of conflict, oppression, and violence against non-white peoples. He meticulously deconstructs how racial biases have been intertwined with religious beliefs, particularly focusing on the portrayal of Jesus Christ as white and the implications this has had on fostering racial hierarchies.

Through rigorous analysis, “White Trinity Disease” challenges readers to reconsider long-held beliefs about race, religion, and their intersection. Ghounem proposes a transformative approach to healing the divisions wrought by this disease, advocating for a return to the core messages of equality, love, and unity found in the teachings of Jesus Christ as understood in Islam.

This book serves as both a historical account and a guide for personal and collective healing. It’s a call to action for readers to dismantle the foundations of racism within their beliefs and societies. By embracing the shared values of humanity and divinity that transcend race and religion, Ghounem offers hope for a future free from the scourge of “White Trinity Disease.”

“White Trinity Disease: How to Cure Racism” is not just a book—it’s a movement towards understanding, reconciliation, and peace. It’s an essential read for anyone committed to confronting and overcoming racism, and for those seeking to build bridges of understanding between Christianity and Islam.


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