American Islamic History

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“How America Started and Lost the War On Islam” by Mohamed Ghounem is a bold and meticulously researched chronicle that delves into the centuries-long conflict between the United States and the Islamic world. Ghounem takes the reader on a historical journey, starting from the colonial era’s first encounters with Islam to the contemporary geopolitical landscape, where the repercussions of these clashes continue to shape our world.

This book is not just a historical account but a passionate critique of the policies and ideologies that led to the systemic and destructive conflicts between America and various Muslim-majority nations. Ghounem uses a compelling narrative to argue that these wars were not only founded on misunderstandings and greed but were exacerbated by a deep-seated racism and religious intolerance that has roots in the earliest days of American history.

Through a detailed examination of events, from the Barbary Wars to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and interventions in countries like Libya and Syria, Ghounem presents a case that America’s attempts to dominate and impose its will on Islamic nations have not only failed but have also backfired, leading to greater instability and resentment against the West.

The book is a call to recognize the shared humanity that exists between peoples of all faiths and nationalities. It challenges the reader to question the narratives that have been constructed to justify war and conflict. “How America Started and Lost the War On Islam” is a crucial read for anyone seeking to understand the complex dynamics of international relations, the impact of colonial and neo-colonial policies, and the power of media and propaganda in shaping public opinion and policy.

Ghounem’s work stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity and the ongoing struggle for peace, equality, and understanding in a world too often divided by hate and fear. This book is an invaluable resource for scholars, policymakers, and anyone interested in the causes of peace and justice in the global community.


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