Islam Saves Jesus

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“Islam Saves Jesus: Top 10 Ways Muslims Love Jesus” by Mohamed Moussa Ghounem is a groundbreaking exploration of the deep reverence and love Islam holds for Jesus Christ, a figure equally revered in Christianity and Islam, but often seen through different lenses. This insightful book aims to bridge the gap between these two great faiths by illuminating how Islam views Jesus not only as a prophet but as a beacon of truth and love.

Ghounem meticulously delves into ten core aspects where Islam’s portrayal of Jesus Christ offers a perspective of respect, love, and admiration, contrasting sharply with common misconceptions and interpretations found in modern Christianity. From rejecting the notion of Jesus’s crucifixion as a form of divine abandonment to embracing his life and teachings as a model of piety and devotion, this book invites readers to reconsider Jesus’s legacy through the lens of Islamic theology and history.

“Islam Saves Jesus” is not merely an academic treatise; it is a heartfelt invitation to understand the profound love Muslims have for Jesus, a love that transcends religious boundaries and invites a dialogue based on mutual respect and understanding. Through exploring topics such as Jesus’s miraculous birth, his ascension, and his role as a Messiah in Islam, Ghounem presents a compelling case for the shared veneration of Jesus, aiming to foster a deeper interfaith harmony and appreciation.

This book is a must-read for anyone interested in religious studies, interfaith dialogue, or understanding the commonalities and differences between Islam and Christianity. It challenges preconceived notions, offering a fresh perspective on Jesus’s life and teachings, and provides a path toward a more inclusive and compassionate understanding of faith.


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